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Nutritional  Panel

Note: On the nutrition label, "Potas" referrs to Potassium.

Hämon™ is NOT

  • a dessert

  • a "diet" (weight-loss) product

  • for diabetics (contains brown sugar)

  • for individuals allergic to nuts (contains almonds & hazelnuts)

Hämon™ is 

  • a vegan snack formulated to help in life-style management

  • a good source of fiber, magnesium, and protein

  • full of unsaturated fat

  • free of preservatives, gluten, colors, dairy, and eggs

After using Hämon™

  • Drink enough water.

Please expect minor batch-to-batch variations in appearance and taste because Hämon™ is made of all natural ingredients.


Introduction to Hämon™

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