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Our Story


Eat to feed your mind

Hi, I am Deepak, one of the formulators of  Hämon®. I am a registered pharmacist in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. I still continue practicing the profession on limited basis. Most of my time is devoted to bringing Hämon® to the market.

The motivation for developing  Hämon® stems from my experience encountering individuals at the pharmacy with various ailments. I hear comments like “how many pills am I going to take?” or “suggest me an Ayurvedic or natural medicine” or “I do not like the side effects”. Upon reviewing the medication profiles of such patients, I realized that most of the chronic ailments were directly or indirectly related to their lifestyle. This is when I thought about formulating a snack such as Hämon®.

Formulating and marketing Hämon® is not an attempt to convert people to veganism. It is an attempt to bring individuals with various diets – vegetarians & non-vegetarians, vegans & non-vegans, together. I named my start-up The Vegantry, in order to give individuals pursing vegan diets or contemplating a change to vegan diet an additional choice.  Hämon® is a snack for all individuals who have no nut allergies and are non-diabetic. I have attempted to keep the formulation as simple as possible.


My take on health and diet:

Diet is one part of a healthy lifestyle. A notable part of the healthy diet equation is our attitude towards food (vegetarian or non-vegetarian). What I mean is: during our infant years we need to eat multiple times per day to promote our growth. For all practical purposes our growth is done by the time we finish puberty, around about 20-25 years. After that, we just need to eat to maintain our growth. This requires us to make changes to our lifestyle, including diet. The challenge is that during those early 20-25 years, we have programmed our brain to a certain schedule and taste that may not be healthy moving forward. There is lot of scientific evidence linking our brain to the gut and our instincts to eat (Gut-brain axis). We do not need to eat as much and as often as we did during our growth phase of life. At some point, we need to re-program our brain without fighting it, i.e. without stressing ourselves. Snacks such as Hämon® are formulated to help individuals pursuing a modified eating lifestyle. 

Note: One of my daughter helped me design this website – not a professional. Please do not judge a book by its cover.

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