Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Hämon made?

Hämon is made at Le Gourmet Factory in Englewood, NJ. The facility is inspected by the Englewood Department of Health.

2. Can I eat Hämon if I am allergic to nuts?

​No, Hämon contains hazelnuts and almonds. 

3. Can I eat Hämon if I am diabetic?

No, Hämon contains brown sugar.

4. How can I enjoy Hämon?

You should eat Hämon slowly, with portion control. This is why Hämon is formulated as a bite-size square rather than a bar. It is advised that you eat Hämon along with a glass of water, because nuts and certain other vegetables and fruits in general have a high oxalate content.

5. When should I eat Hämon?

Hämon is not a dessert. It is meant to be consumed throughout the day in divided portions, especially after doing exercise, and/or before lunch or dinner.

6. Is Hämon for vegans only?

​Hämon is free of dairy, eggs and meat. It can be consumed by both vegans and non-vegans.

7. Can Hämon alone help me lose weight?

​Hämon is not a weight-loss product. You will have to lower your daily caloric intake from other food sources to offset the calories from Hämon.

8. How do I store Hämon?

Hämon can be stored in the original sealed bag for up to 3 months, at a cool place (refrigerator).  After opening the sealed bag, store in a cool place and eat within a month. An individual slider box can be stored at room temperature for 2-3 days. Hämon contains no added preservatives or stabilizers.

9. How can I place an order?

There are two options for ordering. You can either order through the website, or by phone (908-342-0662).​


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